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Last Update - May 3rd, 2003


Batman Speaks (Empire, May 2004)

Christian Bale: "I exactly will be Batman, but Bond... we shall see" ("Izvestia", February 16, 2004) (added 04.14.2004)

The skinny on Batman (Calgary Sun, January 20, 2002) (added 01.20.2004)


Bale-ing in (Star-ecentral.com, September 30, 2003) (added 10.11.2003)

"The Machinist" stars held the press conference in Barcelona (Larazon.es, July 11, 2003) (added 08.18.2003)


'Reign of Fire' Interview (BBC, August 21, 2002)

'Reign of Fire' Interview (www.moviehole.net, August 13, 2002)

Batman out on Bale? (Calgary Sun, July 17, 2002)

Rob Bowman fires up Christian Bale and Izabella Scorupco to reign over digital dragons (Science Fiction Weekly, Issue 273, July 15, 2002)

'American Psycho' Interview (www.moviehole.net, July 13, 2002)

Dragons Fascinate Christian Bale (Zap2it.com, July 10, 2002)

Bale Talks 'Equilibrium' (Science Fiction Weekly, July 8, 2002) (added 30.06.2003)

'Reign of Fire' Interview (Action-Adventure Movies, July 7, 2002)

'Reign of Fire' Interview (Cinema Confidential, July, 2002)

Bale is the Chief (In Focus Magazine, Jule, 2002)

Christian Bale vs. Leo DiCaprio! (TV Guide, Daniel R. Coleridge, July, 2002) (added 30.06.2003)

Interview with Christian Bale & Rob Bowman (Chud.com, June 25, 2002)

Q&A: Christian Bale on 'Reign of Fire' (Playstation.com, June 21, 2002)

'Reign of Fire'. Question and Answer with Christian Bale (Phase 9 Entertainment, 2002)

'Reign of Fire' Interview (www.atnzone.com, 2002)


McDormand to mother Bale in 'Laurel Canyon' (JAM! Movies, August 21, 2001)

'Captain Corelli's Mandolin' Interview (BBC, May 2, 2001)

Exclusive: Bale Bond (Entertainment Tonight, April 26, 2001)

Christian Bails on His Feelings (Premiere Magazine, March 2001)

The actor is on a fantastic voyage (Interview, February, 2001)


Love and filming on the Spree (Gala Magazine (Germany), December, 2000) (added 30.06.2003)

Bale Fights Dragons (Empire On Line, September 25, 2000)

Good Christian Talks About Playing a Yuppie from Hell (Barnes & Noble.com, September 5, 2000)

Shifting 'Shaft' to the Year 2000 (Action-Adventure Movies, June 12, 2000)

Bale Bonding (Entertainment Tonight, June 08, 2000)

Christian Bale Goes Psycho (www.reel.com, May 2000)

An affair to dismember (Time Out New York #238, April 13-20, 2000)

The sexy Psycho on bloodbaths, orgies and life as a narcissistic Yuppie (E! Online, April 14, 2000)

The Psycho speaks up (Toronto Sun, April 12, 2000)

Christian Bale's a Psycho in limbo (Calgary Sun, April 8, 2000)

The method in my madness (The Guardian, April 6, 2000)

Move Over, Hannibal! (Entertainment Tonight, April 05, 2000)

Christian Takes On Sex, Violence, Underwear and Horse Manure (E! Online, April, 2000)

Making Bale. Actor Christian Bale discusses his career, and his role in the film 'American Psycho' (Interview, April, 2000)

Killer personality (Metropolis (Japan) #370, April, 2000)

Misogynist Menace (George Magazine, April 2000)

The Cult of Christian Bale (The Simon Magazine, Spring 2000).

Bale Talks 'Psycho' (E!Online, January 25, 2000)

Unmasking an 'American Psycho' (www.darkhorizons.com, 2000)

Lady-killer: An Interview With Actor Christian Bale (drDrew.com, 2000)

American Psycho's Christian Bale reveals the method to his madness (The Inside Reel, 2000)

Christian Bale: American Psycho (Celebrity News Service, 2000) (added 11.02.2003)


'Metroland' Interview (Hollywood.com, 1999)

Exclusive interview with Christian Bale (Splash News and Pictures Agency, 1999)


Christian Bale (US Magazine, December 1998)

Velvet Goldmine's outsider-looking-in (CSIV, December, 1998)

On the Trail of Christian Bale (Interview Magazine, February 1998)

People: Christian Bale (Total Film Magazine, 1998)

Flaunt Magazine (1998)

Christian Evangelism (Deluxe Magazine, 1998)

The Cyberspace stud on hittin' the Goldmine and doin' the deed with Winona (and Ewan!) (E! Online, 1998)

What's The Boy Playing At? (The Independent, 1998)


The Mystery of Christian Bale (Movieline Magazine, March 1997)


Making Bale (Detour Magazine, Dec/Jan 1996-1997)

Buzz Builds for Christian Bale (USA Today, November 20, 1996)

Christian Coalition (Entertainment Weekly, 1996)

Where your favorites answer you: Christian Bale (E!Online, 1996)


Modern Romantics (Seventeen Magazine, December 1994)


The star of Disney's 'Newsies' is hot news! (Teen Magazine, 1992)

'Newsies': Striking Boys Caught Singing and Dancing (Seventeen Magazine, 1992)


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